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Sean Cahill

Sean Cahill

Sean Cahill

Solicitor/Public Notary

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law Accredited Specialist
  • Public Notary

Sean Cahill joined our team at Meehans in 2002. Sean has lived in the Macarthur area for many years and is aware of local issues and how they can have an impact on you.

Sean is an Accredited Family Law Specialist. In NSW there are over 20,000 Solicitors and just over 300 are Accredited Specialists in this complex area of law. If you need legal advice or representation then Sean will be able to explain the law to you in language that you can understand.

A long term statistic of cases decided under the Family Law Act is that 5 per cent of cases need to be decided by a Judge or Federal Magistrate and that the balance of cases are resolved by negotiation, or "settled out of Court". A constant statistic of Family Law matters at Meehans is that less than 2 per cent of cases need to be decided on a final basis by a Judge or Federal Magistrate.

Sean's primary focus is to assist people with problems by resolving them with a minimum of exposure to legal fees and in a manner that is legally binding and enforceable. Family Law is a complex area of law that directly interacts with many different areas of law, including superannuation, wills, ownership of real estate and other areas. Sean also has an extensive background in most forms of Civil Litigation, including Commercial matters, Family Provision and Probate matters and residential and commercial conveyancing.

Sean has been able to combine his experience in all areas of the law (including being employed by the Australian Taxation Office while studying) to assist clients in resolving their disputes, whether it is a family law matter, an estate matter, commercial advice or succession planning.

Sean is also a Public Notary.

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